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Authorized Distributions


Nowadays, our customers are operating in an heterogenous IT infrastructure environment, based in technologies from several vendors. In our commitment and effort offering alternate options to satisfy needs for every customer, our agnostic consulting services allow them to take decisions in a wide diversity of vendors and products. Here you will find some of our most important alliances: 

Actifio - Radically Simple
Virtual copy data management for your datacenter
Communications for your distributed applications and data 
Reliable server restore, cloning and disaster recovery
Enterprise solutions for your customers and employees
Digitalizing, automating process with printing services
IT virtualization and cloud entry readiness
Blancco Technology Group - borrado seguro y certifcado de discos SAN
Secure and certified data erasure for your storage devices
Unified and corporate communications
EMC - Where Information Lives
Wide data management solutions
Hardware & software soutions for smart datacenters
Security Management in the cloud for your business and mobile users
Flexible storage and data protection
Simple and secure adaptation to the cloud with a fanatical support
Leading edge security and consumer devices 
Unitrends para DRaaS en la nube con SLA en RTO de 1hr
Electrical continuity and security systems for your infrastructure operation 
IT Platform homologation for your datacenter and cloud
Unitrends para DRaaS en la nube con SLA en RTO de 1hr
DRaaS - Affordable and reliable disaster recovery
Virtualization for your desktop and datacenter readiness to the cloud
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